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Taking care of income tax returns


We take care of income tax returns for a large part of our clients (and their partners). We take care of income tax returns for (wealthy) individuals and entrepreneurs subject to income tax rules.


For entrepreneurs subject to income tax rules, income tax returns are an important obligation toward the Tax and Customs Administration, whereby the financial documents of the company of the year concerned are presented to the tax authorities. It is important that this takes place in a proper manner. As entrepreneur you must present the balance with obligatory items in the income tax returns.


Individuals and companies who emigrate to and/or from the Netherlands must submit a separate and extensive tax return form. If desired, we can also assist you with this.


Before we begin with the drawing up of the income tax return we provide you with a list in which all matters that are relevant are included. On the basis of the information delivered we then draw up the income tax return. During the drawing up of the return we assess all relevant documents and draw up the return in a manner as tax-efficient as possible.


After the return has been processed by the tax authorities we check if the tax authorities have processed the data correctly and have imposed a correct assessment.


Would you like to find out more? Then please contact one of our advisers without obligation. You can do this by using the contact form or by sending an email to info@ifaa.nl.