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IFAA: Accountant and Tax adviser

IFAA has three business lines; IFAA Business and payroll administration, IFAA Tax advisers and IFAC Accountants & Advisers. Within IFAA we mainly work with young and experienced professionals. 

We work together within the organisation on the basis of mutual trust and strong quality awareness. Open and honest, direct and clear. Our office mainly focuses on small and medium-sized firms. We have a very varied client base within these small and medium-sized firms: from starters to seasoned entrepreneurs, from small sole traders to prestigious medium-sized organisations. 

Accountant Amsterdam

Are you looking for an accountant or tax adviser in Amsterdam? Then you have come to the right place at IFAA Amsterdam. IFAA Amsterdam is an accountants and tax office with considerable experience in the field of financial questions, bookkeeping, payroll administration, review reports, tax returns and financial statements. 

Accountant Almere

The second office of IFAA is located in Almere. IFAA Accountants Almere has considerable experience in the field of accountancy and tax advice within SMEs. Almere, together with specialists from Amsterdam, provides consultancy services in the field of bookkeeping, payroll administration, tax returns and financial statements. 

Your financial and tax questions

We would like to help you with your accountancy, tax and (payroll) administration questions:


- Bookkeeping
- Financial overviews
- Payroll administration
- VAT returns
- Payroll tax returns
- Corporation income tax returns
- Income tax returns
- Review report
- Audit opinion


Feel free to contact our tax advisers and accountants for an offer without obligation. 


Visit our INTERNATIONAL website: http://www.ifaainternational.com