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Conducting fiscal objection and appeal proceedings


A good relationship with the Tax and Customs Administration can help with a positive settlement of matters with the Tax and Customs Administration. Nevertheless, it can happen that a situation occurs in which there is a difference of opinion with the tax authorities that ultimately results in adjustments on the part of the tax authorities. If the tax authorities impose adjustments you disagree with, there are, depending on the situation, possibilities to fight this decision.


The proceedings to fight such a decision are, however, very formal and there are all sorts of rules and requirements which must be complied with to be able to successfully fight the decision of the tax authorities. Precisely because of these formal rules and requirements it is of importance that such proceedings are conducted in the correct manner. We represent our clients in such proceedings and ensure that all formal and substantial requirements are complied with.

Our services in the field of conducting fiscal proceedings comprise of, among others:


• Taking care of correspondence with regard to settlement of returns
• Taking care of notices of objection
• Negotiation with the Tax and Customs Administration
• Taking care of notices of appeal
• Drawing up replies
• Drawing up pleadings
• Representation at the hearing


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