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Taking care of corporate income tax returns


On the basis of the Corporation Tax Act the following entities established in the Netherlands have in principle liability for corporation tax and must, in that capacity, submit corporation tax returns:


1. Public limited liability companies (N.V.s);

2. Private limited liability companies (B.V.s);

3. Open limited partnerships (open C.V.s);

4. Other companies with capital divided in shares; this includes, among others, foreign companies

   (such as English limited -Ltd. - companies) that are established in the Netherlands;

5. Associations and foundation insofar as they run a company. This may be the case if:

1. there is a permanent organisation of labour and capital;

2. the association or foundation participates in economic transactions;

3. the association or foundation strives for profit or enters into competition with others with liability for tax.


We take care of the corporation tax returns for our clients. Corporate income tax returns are an important obligation toward the Tax and Customs Administration, whereby the financial documents of the company of the year concerned must be presented to the tax authorities in a fiscally correct manner.  

During the drawing up of the return we assess all relevant documents and draw up the return in a manner as tax-efficient as possible. During the drawing up of the return we also look at opportunities to save tax in the future.

After the return has been processed by the tax authorities we check if the tax authorities have processed the data correctly and have imposed a correct assessment.


We have a lot of experience in the drawing up of returns or in giving advice to companies that also include international activities and structures.


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