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Business & Payroll administration


The management of a healthy business with or without employees involves a large number of activities and obligations. You need to maintain the administration, which must meet particular conditions as well as obligations with regard to the Tax and Customs Administration.

If your business also has employees this necessitates considering such issues as the taking care of wage slips, maintaining the collective wage agreements, days of holiday, payroll tax returns and so on.

The administration of your business and wages must be done in an accurate manner. IFAA accountants & tax advisers would like to help you with the management of your Business & Payroll administration. IFAA offers you the following services:


Business & Payroll administration:


- Bookkeeping
- Payroll administration
- Financial statements
- Turnover tax returns
- Payroll tax returns
- Reports
- Effective administration
- Advice for starters


Would you like to find out more? Then please contact one of our advisers without obligation. You can do this by using the contact form or by sending an email to info@ifaa.nl