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Fiscal advice/assistance with restructuring


There can be various reasons to restructure your organisation, such as growth, contraction or due to collaboration with other parties. In addition, there can be (fiscal) reasons for the adjustment of your (fiscal) legal company structure. We advise you in regard to (fiscal) legal matters during the restructuring of your organisation.

We seek to find which (fiscal) legal structure suits your organisation best and ensure that this structure comes into being in the most efficient manner. We work together with various notarial and legal partners.


When we offer advice regarding the setting up of a correct structure the following questions are pivotal:

- Is the structure sufficiently flexible?
- Is the structure easy to maintain and to manage?
- Are the (maintenance) costs of the structure realistic?
- What is the most tax (legal) -efficient manner?
- Does the structure suit the operational activities and the budget of your company?