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Fiscal advice/assistance with estate planning


Estate planning is a broad concept. Estate planning is (summarised) the legal and fiscal planning with regard to the maintenance of your assets and the transfer of this before and/or after your death.
During proper assets planning (proceeding from the present situation) we look at how a tax-efficient structuring of the assets can be achieved, in an effective and tax-efficient manner, dovetailing with personal needs.

The planning around your assets must do justice to the desired future situation. However, it is also essential that, if necessary, the planning is easy to adjust in a changed situation (through, for example, changed personal circumstances or changes in taxation).

Our services in the field of estate planning comprise of, among others:

• assets planning
• matrimonial property law
• inheritance law
• business successions
• donations


We can always draw up the Inheritance Tax returns for you.


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