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Fiscal advice/assistance with emigration


You can become involved with fiscal emigration for various reasons. For example, you may emigrate for personal or (business) economical reasons, but also for fiscal reasons (moving to a country with a tax-efficient climate). Irrespective of the reason for the (fiscal) emigration, there are a number of important issues which must be arranged with the Dutch authorities/Tax and Customs Administration and with the foreign Dutch authorities/Tax and Customs Administration.


The regulations in the field of fiscal emigration are complex. In particular if the person emigrating has a company (as entrepreneur subject to tax or by means of a legal entity/BV) in the Netherlands, the decision to emigrate can have very complex and far-reaching consequences. If the entrepreneur wishes "to take" his company abroad with him this can save a lot of tax through correct structuring.


We assist our clients intensively during the emigration process to settle all issues in a correct and most advantageous manner.


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