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About IFAA


IFAA is the administrative, fiscal and financial extension of entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized companies.

IFAA comprises of three parts; IFAA Business and payroll administration, IFAA Tax advisers and IFAC Accountants & Advisers. IFAA comprises of mainly young and experienced professionals. We work together within the organisation(s) on the basis of mutual trust and a strong quality awareness. Open and honest, direct and clear.

Through mutual trust and the continuous delivery of quality, a relationship of trust can arise with the client. Together with the ensuring of tailor-made work this forms the core of what IFAA strives for. Good accessibility and clear communication are therefore pivotal in our organisation.

IFAA links knowledge and experience to enthusiasm and effort, within its own office and outside of it. Furthermore, our employees attend continuous courses and training to achieve the desired personal growth and expert knowledge. As an organisation IFAA likes to think and work ahead. The building of sound relationships with clients in directly connected to the building of our own company.

We focus mainly on small and medium-sized businesses. We have a very varied client base within these small and medium-sized businesses: from starters to seasoned entrepreneurs; from small sole traders to prestigious medium-sized organisations.



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